Collection: Come in and try Month May 2024

Come in and try Month May 2024

We’re excited to advise you of our special offer to Come In and Try in the month of May at Grandisons. 

Whether you’re looking for a new work uniform or a stylish casual outfit or something trendy for the weekend, this offer is for you.

Our Top suppliers have 1000’s of garments to choose from,  we would need a shop the size of a football field to stock them all.



How It Works:

  1. Simply Choose Your Garment/s
    • You have the freedom to select any garment from our top suppliers below. (Click the link to see more)
      1. NNT:                           Men’s & Women’s Premium Corporatewear, healthcare, casual/formal wear, indigenous
      2. Hardyakka:                Men’s & Women’s Work and safety wear. Great range of weekend leisure wear.
      3. Kinggee:                     Men’s & Women’s Work and safety wear. Great range of weekend leisure wear.
      4. Bizcare:                      Men’s & Women’s Health and Beauty uniforms.
      5. BizCollection:            Men’s & Women’s Corporate/casual/formal wear
      6. Syzmik:                      Men’s & Women’s Men’s & Womens Work and safety wear.
      7. BizCorporates:          Men’s & Women’s Premium Corporatewear, Suits, casual/formal wear.
    • No obligation or commitment required! Simply pick the garment you like*
      1. Visit us in store or Email us at include the following -
        1. style code/s.
        2. size.
        3. preferred colour. 
        4. confirmation you are available to come in and try approx. 1 week after order placement.
        5. Mention this promotion in your email.
          1. *Note some colours may not be available for try out.
          2. *Some restrictions may apply.
          3. *Excludes clearance items which can not be returned.
          4. For Syzmik and Biz ranges only,  you can use our online form and  'add to basket' option found at the links above or click here
      2. We will
        1. provide you a quote and a request to proceed.
        2. Notify you when item arrives for try out.
  2. Come and try It On:
    • You will have 1 week to come in and try garments from notification of its arrival in store, after this time we will return garments to supplier.
  3. Expert Assistance:
    • Our friendly staff will be available to assist you with sizing, styling, and any questions you may have.


  • Explore Options: Discover the latest styles and designs from trusted brands.
  • Comfort Matters: Ensure correct sizing and your garment feels comfortable.
  • Casual Chic: Find that perfect casual outfit for weekends or evenings.
  • B2B: Great for multiple team member try outs.

No Pressure, No Commitment: There’s absolutely no cost or obligation to buy. We want you to feel at ease while making your choice.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to find your ideal uniform or casual wear.

Best regards,

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